Well, that didn’t end the way we wanted.  Tell the truth, though.  If someone had told you at the beginning of the season that the Carolina Panthers would win the NFC South and host a playoff game at Bank Of America Stadium in Charlotte you would have thought they were crazy.  They did it, though, and for about 90 minutes on Sunday it looked like they were going to win and go to the NFC Championship game in Seattle.   I guess it wasn’t meant to be this year.   Sure it would have been nice to see Cam Newton and the guys move on but I think I know the real reason we didn’t win on Sunday.  This year’s Super Bowl is in New York (well, New Jersey to be precise).  Think about it.  New Jersey in February.  Now, I love New York.  It’s one of my all-time favorite cities. I have been to New York several times in February, though, and it is C-O-L-D, Cold.  Remember last week’s infamous polar vortex?  Well, that’s an average day in February for New York/New Jersey.  I have watched enough of the Panthers this year to know that nobody is going to stop Mike Tolbert from moving the ball one measly yard if he really wanted to score.  No.  I am sure that this was all part of the master plan to spare Panther fans from the frigid temperatures of winter in the Meadowlands.  I am quite sure that the decision had been made that this was not the Super Bowl for us.  They were just laying the groundwork for what is sure to be next year’s Super Bowl run to sunny Arizona.

Seriously, though.  Congratulations to Cam, Steve, DeAngelo, Luke, and all the Panther players and coaches who made this such a memorable year.  We’ve come a long way from 2 and 14 just three years ago.  I have no doubt that next year will be even greater and there is no reason not to go ahead and book our flight to Phoenix to watch the Panthers win their first Super Bowl.  It doesn’t hurt that I’ll be able to work on my tan at the same time.